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The mRNA is again associated with the cortex and is now restricted to an animal domain (AD) and a vegetal domain (VD) that includes the polar lobe. X550. Arrows indicate the limits of the two domains. Relabeled from Jeffery and Wilson (1983). Used by permission of Dr. William R. Jeffery and The Company of Biologists, Ltd. early development. The reorganization of the cytoplasm is a consistent process throughout early development. Localizing movements which occur during cleavage result in the distribution of ooplasmic substances (mRNA, cortical granules, and yolk) to specific regions of the embryo.

The mobilities of molecular mass standards are given (in kDa) on the left. The large arrow on the left identifies the mobility of the yolk proteins which are depleted from the CCDs. The smaller arrows on the right indicate the 43- and 53-kDa polypeptides which are selectively enriched in the CCDs. (Fig. 14), indicating that depletion of microfilaments does not result in the disappearance of the cytoskeletal matrix, but does prevent its restriction to the cortex. Tubulin can also be detected in CCDs of unfertilized eggs by a monoclonal antibody from Sigma (Fig.

Dinsmore, J. , and Sloboda, R. E. (1988). Calcium and calmodulin-dependent phosphorylation of a 62kd protein induces microtubule depolymerization in sea urchin mitotic apparatuses. Cell 53, 769-780. , and Guerrier, P. (1982). Activation of Barnea candida (Mollusca. Pelecypoda) oocytes by sperm of KCI, but not by NH4CI, requires a calcium influx. Dev. Biol. 92, 408-417. Eckberg, W. R. (1981a). The effects of cytoskeleton inhibitors on cytoplasmic localization in Chaetopterus pergamentacew. Differenriation 19,55-58.

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