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The illumination level should be checked routinely and the lamps replaced when the output drops by a specified value, or after sources have been run for a specified number of hours. With artificial daylight sources it is usually the UV content that declines most rapidly. e. a test for the maintenance of the SPD within acceptable limits (which test should be in addition to the illumination level test). The provision of other sources, such as the tungsten-filament and the TL84 lamps, allows for checks of colour constancy and metamerism of sample pairs, the latter being assessed by the extent of the change in the quality of colour match when the illuminant is changed (from daylight to tungsten-filament lamp, for example).

31 Reflectance curves for CI Acid Red 57 on wool reflectance which is greatest in the region in which the dye absorbs light. 31. These show that for this dye the absorption maximum (reflectance minimum) occurs in the region of 510 nm, with the decrease in reflectance falling off rapidly as the depth increases. The undyed wool has a distinctly yellowish cast, as suggested by the steeply sloping reflectance curve with minimum reflectance at 400 nm. 29. 235 and BS1006 : A01 : 1978. These standard depths are a series of arbitrarily chosen depths, each judged to be equal for all hues, which enable dyeing, fastness or other properties to be compared on a uniform basis.

E. it will have a high specular reflection. Conversely if it is reflected indiscriminately at all angles it will have a high diffuse reflection and will appear matt. Gloss is usually assessed instrumentally at high angles (60 or 85°) as the specular component is more important at such high angles (even a ‘matt’ paint surface shows some gloss at high or grazing angles). 1). 2 µm) that they can be considered to be effectively in solution, and their light-absorption properties can be treated in the same way as those of dye solutions which absorb but do not scatter light.

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