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Chapter 1 Vice?Chairman's starting feedback (pages 1–2): G. L. Brown
Chapter 2 A Contribution from the research of Cords of reduce types (pages 3–13): Theodore H. Bullock
Chapter three a few elements Regulating the shape and association of the Motoneurones of the Spinal wire (pages 14–23): D. H. Barron
Chapter four The Motor mobilephone Groupings of the Spinal wire (pages 24–42): G. J. Romanes
Chapter five research of the Spinal wire Potentials in Leads from the wire Dorsum (pages 43–62): Carl Gustaf Bernhard
Chapter 6 A comparability of the Monosynaptic and Polysynaptic Reflex Responses of the Spinal twine lower than quite a few impacts (pages 63–77): Chandler McC. Brooks and Kiyomi Koizumi
Chapter 7 Strychnine Tetanus of the Spinal twine (pages 63–77): F. Bremer
Chapter eight a few Observations on Dorsal Root Potentials (pages 84–91): J. L. Malcolm
Chapter nine a few good points of the Spinal Reflex Connections of Splanchnic Afferent Fibres (pages 92–98): C. B. B. Downman
Chapter 10 a few results of Repetitive Stimulation of Afferents on Reflex Conduction (pages 99–118): A. A. Jefferson and W. Schlapp
Chapter eleven Antidromic Propagation of Impulses into Motoneurones (pages 120–131): L. G. Brock, J. S. Coombs and J. C. Eccles
Chapter 12 Conduction of Impulses within the Neurons of the Oculomotor Nucleus (pages 132–179): R. Lorente de No
Chapter thirteen Disynaptic Reflex Linkage among sure muscle mass of the Hindlimb (pages 180–194): Yves Laporte
Chapter 14 a few results of Anticholinesterase at the Spinal twine of the Cat (pages 195–213): C. R. Skoglund
Chapter 15 neighborhood software of gear to the Spinal wire (pages 214–221): D. W. Kennard
Chapter sixteen the results of shut Arterial Injections of Acetylcholine and Anticholinesterase at the task of the Cervical wire of the Cat (pages 222–230): W. Feldbebrg, J. A. B. grey and W. L. M. Perry
Chapter 17 The motion of d?Tubocurarine and Strychnine at the Spinal twine of the Cat (pages 231–246): D. Taverner
Chapter 18 Speculations at the Servo?Control of circulate (pages 247–260): P. A. Merton
Chapter 19 particular pores and skin components for Excitation and Inhibition of Hindlimb Reflexes (pages 261–273): okay. E. Hagbarth
Chapter 20 Afferent frightened Connections of the Lateral Cervical Nucleus (pages 274–279): Bror Rexed and Gunnar Strom
Chapter 21 Nerve Conduction in Poliomyelitis (pages 280–292): Donal Brooks

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The afferent spike is followed by the so-called intermediary potentials : a large negative deflection and a long positive deflection with considerably lower amplitude. On the basis of the old statement (Sherrington, 1929) that occlusion is a sign of response in convergent pathways, Gasser and co-workers concluded that the intermediary potentials are of postsynaptic order, since they showed occlusion in conditioning experiments. Since, further, these intermediary potentials remained uninfluenced by anti-dromic volleys in the ventral roots, the authors referred them to the activity of interneurones.

We can show that Group IA afferent fibres are giving those reflexes and that these complicated polysynaptic connections are even more effective in exciting the motoneurones than the monosynaptic paths which they replace. Thus in the spinal cord we seem to have a new growth of some curious kind going on, and fibres which previously came through and worked monosynaptically on these neurones lose their effectiveness so that there is almost no monosynaptic stimulation at all. This whole story goes on and develops.

This whole story goes on and develops. During a period of some weeks the polysynaptic paths remain, and then regress as the monosynaptic reflexes return. BARRON: Why do you make the assumption that the process has developed on the afferent side rather than that you have had a change in the pattern of the cell down below which makes it receptive? ECCLES: It quite well could be a growing of dendrites. Somehow these polysynaptic connections become functional when previously they were not. That could be like the curious growth that you postulate in your records.

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