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By William Lilly

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Really nice book of a basic textual content for any (would-be) astrologer. not likely for newcomers even though, as relatively a lot is thought as universal wisdom, and the fashion is dense. publication 2 (second a part of released quantity 1) is geared to previsions/horary issues.

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In that column under the Planets mutuall Aspects, over against the third of January being Saturday, you find * Saturn Jupiter 21 that is Saturn and Jupiter are in aspect 21 hours after noon of the Saturday; and that is, at nine of clock on the Sunday morning following. Over against the fourth day you find Moon Apogaum, that is, she is then remotest from the earth over against the eighteenth day in the outmost column you find Moon Perigaon, that is, the Moon is then nearest unto the earth. Over against the twelfth day, in the same outmost column, you find Mercury in Elong.

To the body or aspect of Mercury. To the North Node, South Node, Part of Fortune, and to the twelve houses. 701...... To the fixed stars. Part of Fortune wherefore directed, its effects when directed to Saturn or his aspects. To the aspects of Jupiter, Mars and Sun. To the apsects of Venus and Mercury. To Moon and her aspects, to North Node and South Node. To the cusps of the 12 houses. Of the measure of time In directions. The first and second way of measuring. The third measure of time, according to Naibod.

Of Pla. that is, the Latitude of the Planets. Under the letter c you find 1 10 20. Under the column of Saturn over against 1, you find 2. 31. then continuing your eye, you have upder Jupiter 0, 5: under Mars 0,47; under Venus 1,13; under Mercury 1,45. The meaning here is, that the first day of January Saturn hath 2 degr: and 31 min: of latitude; Jupiter 0 degr: 5 min: Mars 0 degr:47 min: Venus I degr: 13 min: Mercury 1 degr:45 min: of latitude. D. that is, Meridionall Descending, or South latitude; where you find 5, it tels you the latitude is North; if you find A, the planet is Ascending in his latitude; if D.

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Christian Astrology, Books 1 and 2 by William Lilly

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