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By Israel Regardie

ISBN-10: 0850302374

ISBN-13: 9780850302370

• advent from famous Golden sunrise pupil Pat Zalewski• contains the outlet of the Watchtower Ritual for Self TransformationThe right operating of formality is on the middle of the Western magical culture. This booklet indicates precisely how ceremonial recommendations can be utilized to pay attention and harness the big psychic and non secular strength of human attention. Dr. Regardie’s special research and outline of key rituals are in keeping with his personal significant adventure and his wisdom of Golden sunrise strategies. as well as supplying sensible directions on gowns, ritual apparatus and decor, he additionally hyperlinks present occult perform to broader historic precedents

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NANTA (en-ah-en-tah). HCOMA (heh-coh-mah). ' 22. Replace flower. Make the Portal Si~n of the Rendin~ of the Veil; stretch hands before you and separate them sharply as if openin~ a curtain. Then say: 'OL SONUF VAORSAGI GOHO IADA BALTA (oh-ell soh-noof vay-oh-air-sah-jee goh-hoh ee-ahdah bal-tah). ELEXARPEH COMANANU TABITOM (el-ex-ar-pay-hay co-mah-nah-noo tah-bee-toh-em) . ZODAKARA EKA ZODAKARE 00 ZODAMERANU (zohd-ah-kah-rah ehkah zoh-ah-kah-ray oh-dah zohd-ah-mer-ah-noo). 000 KIKLE QAA PIAPE PIAMOEL 00 VAOAN (oh-doh keeklay kah-ah pee-ah-pay pee-ah-moh-ell oh-dah vay-oh-ah-noo r 23.

Close the Temple by reversin~ the circumambulation and by the Banishin~ Rituals ~r the Penta~ram and the Hexa~ram. Then conclude with the fo/lowin~. 44 CEREMONIAL MAGIC 32. 'I now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony. Depart in peace to your abodes and habitations and go with the blessing ofYEHESHUAH YEHOVASHAH forever. ' CHAPTER VI A Magical Eucharist This ceremony is a sequel to that already described and outlined in Chapter II, points 1 to 26 inclusive. It describes in detail a simple form of Eucharist which can be used either by one person alone, or in concert with a group.

Forlll of all/orms! ' Some parts of the above prayer are italicized. This is merely to suggest an abbreviated form of the prayer. However, the student may disregard this suggestion and construct his own abbreviation, should he desire one. Immediately after point (11) is the proper place for the Prayer of the Water Elementals or Undines. 'Terrible King of the sea, thou who holdest the keys of the cataracts of heaven, and ~ho enclosest the subterranean waters in the cavernous hollows of earth. Kin~ ~f the delu~e and of the rains of sprin~.

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