Dr. Jay K. Hackett's California Science: Grade 4 (Student Edition) PDF

By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

ISBN-10: 0022843787

ISBN-13: 9780022843786

Existence technology; dwelling issues desire power, dwelling issues and their Environment.EARTH technology; Rocks adn Minerals, gradual alterations in the world, speedy adjustments on Earth.PHYSICAL technological know-how; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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Quick Check Compare and Contrast How are Draw Conclusions Where on a plant does photosynthesis take place? How can you tell? plants alike? How do they differ? Critical Thinking What might happen to a plant that gets sunlight but no water? 29 EXPLAIN Why are plants important? Plants need photosynthesis to survive and grow. Did you know that you need photosynthesis too? In fact, most animals depend on plants making their own food. Why? Animals cannot make their own food the way plants can. Instead they must eat other organisms to get the energy they need.

You need to decide what you are testing and what you are not testing. These are your variables. Controlled variables are not being tested. They are used to control the experiment so it can be repeated. In this experiment the controlled variables will be: • the type and ripeness of the fruit . • the place where the fruit is placed. • the time of day you make your observations. The only factor that will change is what you are testing. This is the independent variable. The best experiments test one variable at a time.

A producer B primary consumer C secondary consumer D decomposer Social Studies Link Research an Environment Use a map of California to highlight where you live. What is the environment like? What kinds of food chains exist in your area? Research and plot the information on a map. Compare maps with a partner. com 47 EVALUATE Materials Inquiry Structured Can an environment have more than one food chain? Form a Hypothesis index cards tape Energy from the Sun helps grasses grow. A mouse eats the grass.

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