Between Good & Evil: Polarities of Power by William Gray PDF

By William Gray

ISBN-10: 087542273X

ISBN-13: 9780875422732

Find out how you could deal constructively with the forces of darkness via a step by step strategy to convert detrimental energies into optimistic religious mild. This publication comprises an up-to-date, sensible model of the medieval ritual of Abra-Melin.

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At least if a reasonably clear concept could be made of a Satan-symbol, and an equally definite one made of its Divine opposite, those might be used as headings, so to speak, for the categories of our consciousness under which could be classified our concepts of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. For instance, according to Christian thinking, a stylized Satan would stand on top of a column labeled EVIL, while an equally recognizable figure of Jesus would head another entitled GOOD. Each Entity would act as a 48 / Between Good and Evil Key-concept to whatever the thinker believed should belong with either category.

In order to make up our minds on all these points with any clarity, we shall need to consider them very carefully, or else we may be doing no more than occupying our time with foolish fantasies. First let us trace through the general history of Satanism from primitive times up to our present period. " Apart from being killers, the clever camouflage of snakes and their habits of hiding in unsuspected places made them a serious menace to early peoples, with their bare limbs and vulnerable flesh. The snake was that most feared of all creatures, one that could creep close and strike fatally in virtual silence.

We alternate between the extremism of life in order to experience and evaluate them into a single summary that will serve us and our descendants as a guide to every situation they will encounter. Every human that has ever lived on earth has added a tiny contribution to the whole, but have we reached a point where we can cope with our present challenge, which could be the critical one between Deity and the Devil in ourselves? " Now why should this reputed rite catch their imaginations more than anything else?

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