Between civil wars: the caliphate of Muʻāwiyah by Tabari, Michael G. Morony PDF

By Tabari, Michael G. Morony

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This quantity provides for the 1st time in English Tabari's entire account of the twenty-year lengthy reign of the 5th caliph, Mu'awiyah (661-680). the significance of this account lies in part in Tabari's citation of significant parts of the paintings of prior authors, akin to Abu Mikhnaf and different eighth-century compilers. it's also major simply because Tabari's number of subject matters has had a decisive impression on smooth interpretations of this era, really at the id of what the $64000 concerns have been within the works of Henri Lammens and Julius Wellhausen. the following you may learn the interesting account of the Khariji riot of Mustawrid ibn Ullifah, the amazing yet arguable checklist of the governorship of Ziyad b. Abihi, the unique escapades of the poet Farazdaq in his formative years, and the tragic tale of Hibn 'Adi. Tabari's presentation of alternative issues of view approximately those and different occasions makes his account an quintessential resource for early Islamic historical past.

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Ziyad killed the Kharijites 196 The Events of the Year 59 (678/679) 199 Why Mucawiyah appointedcAbd al-Rahman b. Ziyad as governor of Khurasan 199 How Mucawiyah dismissed and re-appointedcUbaydallah as governor of al-Basrah 201 Why Yasid b. Mufarrigh ridiculed the sons of Ziyad 202 The Events of the Year 60 (679/680) 208 The length of Mucawiyah's reign 210 Mucawiyah's last illness 211 Who led the prayer over Mucawiyah when he died 213 Mucawiyah's lineage and his Agnomen 215 Mucawiyah's wives and children 215 Some of Mucawiyah's Affairs and Conduct 216 Bibliography 227 Index 233 Page 1 Translator's Foreword The reign of Mu`awiyah b.

C reads: al-Harrani.  According to Ibn Khayyat, Ta'rikh, I, 234, al-Mughirah forged a docu- ment in the style of al-Hasan.  Hadjdj.  al-Kuds.  Amir.  `Ali's surrender of power to Mu`awiyah, the latter's entry into al-Kufah, and the rendering of allegiance to Mu`awiyah as Caliph by the people of al-Kufah. " Al-Hasan's scroll came into Mu`awiyah's hand.  Mu`a- wiyah meanwhile kept the scroll of al-Hasan which contained the requests the latter had sent him.  Then he ordered someone to call upon al-Hasan b.

EHSAN YAR-SHATER Page ix Contents Translator's Foreword 1 Between Civil Wars: The Caliphate of, Mu`awiyah The Events of the Year 40 (660/661) 2 The Rendering of Allegiance to al-Hasan b. cUllifah 33 Page x The Events of the Year 44 (664/665) 71 The Events of the Year 45 (665/666) 76 Ziyad's governorship over al-Basrah 76 The Events of the Year 46 (666/667) 88 The death ofcAbd al-Rahman b. Khalid b. cAdi's execution 122 Those whom Ziyad sent to Mucawiyah 144 Hujr's companions who were killed 151 Hujr's companions who were saved 152 The Events of the Year 52 (672) 165 The Events of the Year 53 (672/673) 166 How Ziyad b.

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