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By Frank Joseph

ISBN-10: 1591431573

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ISBN-13: 9781591438267

"A finished exploration of Earth's historic prior, the evolution of humanity, the increase of civilization, and the consequences of worldwide catastrophe"--Provided by means of publisher.


A accomplished exploration of Earth's old earlier, the evolution of humanity, the increase of civilization, and the results of worldwide catastrophes Read more...

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Some of its inhabitants allegedly perished, but enough survivors migrated to influence the subsequent development of high cultures as far removed from each other as India, Tibet, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Polynesia, British Columbia, Mexico, and South America. Released in 1926, Churchward’s The Lost Continent of Mu was mostly ignored, though occasionally dismissed as a ludicrous fantasy by mainstream scholars for the rest of the twentieth century. But seventyfive years later—as recently as 2001—their laughter stopped abruptly when the first of literally hundreds of cultural artifacts were dredged up from the bottom of the Gulf of Cambay, or Khambhat, off the coast of Gujarat in northwestern India.

8 Intelligence far superior to all other creatures on Earth is the foremost aspect of our evolution. But this unique quality was not altogether brought about by the singular challenges our ancestors encountered in an aquatic environment. Previously, as entirely terrestrial mammals, they were first scavengers then hunters, whose irregular diet did not significantly contribute to brain growth. Saturated fat from meat goes largely unused by the brain, which is itself mostly composed of fats and water, the chief components of cell membranes and of specialized tissues enclosing the nerves.

Otters, beavers, platypuses, and shrews have retained their fur in an aquatic habitat, trapping pockets of captured air next to the skin. This tactic works well for smaller, lighter creatures, but is impractical for an animal with the much heavier weight and greater height of a human. Nakedness combined with subcutaneous fat is indicative of aquatic, not terrestrial animals, and certainly not of apes or chimpanzees. As such, the human body is self-evidently aquatic, unlike all our primate relatives.

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