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The Babylonian tamitu texts are a corpus of questions addressed to the sun-god Shamash and the storm-god Adad together. expert diviners have been hired to place the questions with the precise rites and to formulate the wording safely, because the in simple terms solution will be "yes" or "no." hence the questions needed to contain an in depth exposition of the problem, they usually open up intimate glances of items no longer another way on hand. Kings ask whether or not they may still adopt a undeniable crusade, laying out an in depth course of action. on the different finish of the dimensions, a guy desires to be aware of even if his spouse is telling him the reality. All capsules are of first millennium B.C. date, notwithstanding a number of the questions date from the second one millennium B.C. Scribes copied out inquiries to function types for later use.

during this quantity W.G. Lambert has amassed jointly all of the recognized fabric, together with fifty four capsules and fragments no longer formerly released. All are given in cuneiform reproduction, transliteration, translation, with notes and an creation. by way of a long way the better a part of this fabric has now not been edited before.

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Q narati 10 mes u su~ra~a~nu rma~la1 is~si~ra~nis~su U~te~bir rik~si u ~H~i x x x x x x x x] x (x) e~lu~ti u sapluti (ki. sag) mu[r~~i x x x x x x x] ina lum~n su~ru~up~pu~u u ~ur~ba~a~su si~bu sa sadf! dib)1i im~ta~~~a~ru~su u sum4~ma ina lame(nigin)e alani dan~nu~ti 17 [du] rani (b]ad)mes e~ma ittf~su im~ta~~~a~~u den~W bel giskakkimes ku x [x x x x distar(I]S) be~let qabU e~pi~sat a~na~an~ti y 18 [giStuk]ulmes~su~nu dan~nu~ti inaddinu(sum)meS~sum~ma pat~nis dun~nu~[nu? ltta~LU na~as giskakki sag~ur fU Xl bal~l[u] u 20 ...

Who watches over his rearguard and [his] advance parties. [... ] ... ] .. where they have set their face [ .. ] ... ] . when he is taking the campaign route and [... ] to his enemy's land, ... ] should he stand/seize their [... ], or on the campaign [ .. ] ... ] ..... where he has set his face [... ] ... ] .. with his army .. [.. ... ] .. or in crossing [.. . . ] .. b-ar]rani su~a~tu ti~bi si~ib-J til ... ] x lu ina dan~na~te mu~le~e [mus~pa~li sa sadii (. ) lu i]na ~i~miHi lu ina pa~tir~ti ...

Should he take hold of [his] chariot yoke and direct his team 9 [and with] these [armies] should he set [out] from the gate of Babylon [... ] ... ] .. , I I [should he ........ J wadis, gullies and ravines of the mountains, should he march [against] the land of so~and~so to defeat, to pillage and to plunder? ) your great divinity, Marduk, lord of the magic knot, [......... J to go on his campaign, to direct his march, to ... his foes, 13 to fell his adversaries and opponents, to seize his enemies: in the course of that campaign will [....

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