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By Walter R. Johnson

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This e-book offers a hands-on event with atomic constitution calculations. fabric lined comprises angular momentum equipment, the imperative box Schr?dinger and Dirac equations, Hartree-Fock and Dirac-Hartree-Fock equations, multiplet constitution, hyperfine constitution, the isotope shift, dipole and multipole transitions, simple many-body perturbation concept, configuration interplay, and correlation corrections to matrix parts. The ebook additionally includes numerical equipment for fixing the Schr?dinger and Dirac eigenvalue difficulties and the (Dirac)-Hartree-Fock equations.

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To carry out the minimization, we use the subroutine golden from the numerical recipes library [40]. This routine uses the golden mean technique to find the minimum of a function of a single variable, taken to be the sum of the squares of the energy differences considered as a function of the parameter in the potential. 3. ) of sodium calculated using parametric potentials with experiment. 0557 Exp. u. 92). u. 93). 3, we compare the observed sodium energy level with values calculated using the two potentials.

Write a maple or mathematica program to obtain the first 10 Legendre polynomials using Rodrigues’ formula. 4. Legendre polynomials satisfy the recurrence relation lPl (x) = (2l − 1)xPl−1 (x) − (l − 1)Pl−2 (x). Write a maple or mathematica program to determine P2 (x) through P10 (x) (starting with P0 (x) = 1 and P1 (x) = x) using the above recurrence relation. 5. Write a maple or mathematica program to generate the associated Legendre functions and Plm (x). Determine all Plm (x) with l ≤ 4 and 1 ≤ m ≤ l.

At this energy, the number of nodes nr = 2 is correct, as shown in the dashed curve in Fig. 2; however, the derivative of the wave function is still discontinuous at ac . To achieve a wave function with a continuous derivative, we make further corrections to E using a perturbative approach. ) 30 40 Fig. 2. The radial wave function for a Coulomb potential with Z = 2 is shown at several steps in the iteration procedure leading to the 4p eigenstate. If we let P1 (r) and Q1 (r) represent the radial wave function and its derivative at E1 , respectively, and let P2 (r) and Q2 (r) represent the same two quanodinger equation that tities at E2 , then it follows from the radial Schr¨ d (Q2 P1 − P2 Q1 ) = 2(E1 − E2 )P1 P2 .

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