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By W. Klyne, John B. Buckingham

ISBN-10: 0412106302

ISBN-13: 9780412106309

ISBN-10: 1489969268

ISBN-13: 9781489969262

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W. A. Cowdrey, E. D. Hughes, C. K. lngo1d, S. Masterman and A. D. Scott, J. Chem. , 193 7, 125 2. K. Mislow, M. M. Green, P. Laur, J. T. Me1illo, T. Simmons and A. L. Ternay, J. Amer. Chem. , 1965,87, 1958. P. A. Levene and H. L. Haller, J. Bio/. , 1929, 81, 703. H. L. Goering and W. I. Kimoto,J. Amer. , 1965,87, 1748. S. R. Landor, B. J. Millerand A. R. Tatchell, J. Chem. Soc. (C), 1971, 2339. 16 Class 2a I I~ ' H-C,-CH3 /C-CH3 I ' I CH3 I. ( 25, 351- I- I 2, 3-d 1methylethylene1m1ne 19 3. IR)-(+)2-(phenylorr1nol -prOpiOniC acod (N- phenylalanone I +2] PhNH2~ COEt Ph ~H3 COOH 2.

5)-(-12,3dlmethylpentane A31 penton-2-ol C(2) t[2] ~H3 CH3 l [H] H-C-CH O H - I I H-~-CH=CHCH3 2 : I [2] .. l_ [/0] I I H-C-COR ' I I l CzHs CzHs II. (5)-(+) 2methylbutyroc ac1d N1trole (+) A34, A60, T52, Yl3, Y29 12. 10 ; 1 [O] [8] I I L Cl21 [2] COOH : 2 l I CzHs 10 I 514- methylhex -2ene Both geom 1somers (+I [I] C( SH3 I CzHs CzHs 8. • I C(51/ I , COOH 4. (RI-(-12,3dlmethylbutanal T48 I 3 H-~-NHMe /[4] I I t--'-cHMe 2 I CHO 3. (RI-(-)2,3dlmethylbutan -1-ol ~/] 13. (51-(+13-methylhexane A59 l[5] C(f) : H-C-CH 2 CH 2CH 3 - H - C - C H 2 CH 2CH 3 : I 14.

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Atlas of Stereochemistry: Absolute Configurations of Organic Molecules by W. Klyne, John B. Buckingham

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