Astro-Economics by David Williams PDF

By David Williams

ISBN-10: 0875428827

ISBN-13: 9780875428826

Reviewed within the Wall highway magazine, this e-book demonstrates how astrology can be utilized to forecast enterprise and marketplace job. Written via a former supervisor for a brand new York application corporation, this publication has been publicly lauded via a few agents.

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I recognise that I am expecting a great deal from you: there is a great deal of information in this book. I would advise you to start at the beginning and work carefully through. Don't be tempted to glide over the exercises or to miss out on certain sections. This is an entire programme - it simply won't have the same effect if you pick and choose what you fancy doing. You really do need to commit. I realise that the majority of readers are busy people and so I have given plenty of alternatives, some much easier than others.

The road is a potent symbol of Russian life. In Russian folklore all things happen on the road. So we have no problem with accepting and integrating ideas and concepts from other lands, such as India and China - it comes naturally to us to take knowledge and integrate it, usually adapting it for our own use. It's also important to mention that at the beginning of the thirteenth century, we were invaded by the Mongols and the Tartars and lived under them. Inevitably we were exposed to their doctrines and learned from them.

Don't just survive your life: learn to live it to the fullest. My belief is that we can all be our own healers, to a large degree. Don't get me wrong - I am not against doctors in the slightest and obviously I would not suggest you ditch your doctor. Far from it. In fact I frequently send my patients to see doctors, specialists and consultants, so we can work in tandem. And finally ... Let's get to work. The easiest way to understand the principles of the energy that fuels our lives and our beings is, I believe, to adopt and adapt some of the basic tenets of Eastern philosophy.

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