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This article discusses 20 mysteries which problem our approved view of heritage. themes lined contain: have been there historical contacts among Europe and America?; may possibly Atlantis have existed?; the real age of the nice pyramid; was once there a global disaster round 10,000 BC?

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In the immediate vicinity, 134 dinosaur tracks of the same age were noted. It seems as though humans and dinosaurs were roaming together on the same prehistoric mudflats. There is little possibility of fraud with these tracks. No one could have created fake footprints under solid limestone; even the most critical of the sceptics concede this. So, despite the taint from the past, despite the creationist agenda, the evidence speaks for itself. The explanation, it appears, is to accept either that humans were alive along with the dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago, or that some dinosaurs had human-like feet.

Unfortunately, this find has become tainted by the local trade in fakes. In addition, since Taylor’s discovery the major advocates of the Paluxy site have been of the ‘creationist’ fundamentalist Christian fraternity. So we need to be cautious; a not-so-hidden agenda is at work here. In fact, the agenda is positively evangelical: the ‘Creation Evidence Museum’ stands in Glen Rose as a bulwark against the evils of evolutionary theory. Taylor first saw two human-like fossil footprints under shallow water at the edge of the Paluxy river right in front of a solid limestone bank about eight feet high.

35 In addition to this, the sandstone beside the prints was slightly raised, as it would be from a footprint which, as the foot pushed downwards, would push the surrounding sand up slightly. 36 The trouble with this conclusion is that there were no known bipedal creatures living at that date in history. The largest land animals of the time, according to current knowledge, were primitive amphibians rather similar to modern crocodiles and, like the latter, they moved on four legs and had a heavy tail which too would have left a fossil track.

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