Gerald Massey's ANCIENT EGYPT: The Light of the World( volume 2) PDF

By Gerald Massey

ISBN-10: 160206086X

ISBN-13: 9781602060869

This is often half 2 of the Gerald Masseys paintings in regards to the comparisons among the Judeo-Christian faith and the Egyptian faith. not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of historical Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This publication is likely one of the better of its variety and vital for each scholar of Egyptian mythology and historical past.

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Sunset and sunrise were halfway round the circle, horizontally and perpendicularly, at the level called the summit of the mount. Now there is a scene at sunset described in the Ritual (ch. 108). Ra and the reptile of darkness watch each other, Ra from his ark, the monster from the mount. The depth of water underneath the solar bark at this, the level of sunset, is said to be seven cubits in its liquid part. This also serves to measure the lower half of the circle by seven cubits, or measures, downward and seven upward to the level of the mount, or the horizon.

As Iamblichus says of the Chaldeans, “they not only preserved the memorials of seven-and-twenty myriads of years, as Hipparchus tells us they have, but likewise of the whole Apocatastes and periods of the seven rulers of the world” (Nat. , vol. II, p. 321). It certainly was so with the Egyptians. These rulers were the seven born of the Great Mother as the seven powers of earth.

In the pictures of the planisphere, which still remain on the celestial globe, it may be seen that the figurehead of the vessel is a ram. This was the type of the ram-headed Num, lord of the inundation, and Num was the later form of Nnu, the god of the celestial water, who was the builder of the ark for Ra. By day the solar orb was carried on the ark of Nnu, and by night the gods and glorified were seen in Argo-Navis on its voyage, as the “collector of souls” sailed upward for the circumpolar paradise along the river of the Milky Way.

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ANCIENT EGYPT: The Light of the World( volume 2) by Gerald Massey

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