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5 hours. Belonging to the main → asteroid belt, Antiope was discovered in 1866 by the German Robert Luther. Its binarity was discovered in 2000 by W. Merline and collaborators. Antiope, from Gk. mythology, but it is not clear whether Antiope the Amazon or Antiope the mother of Amphion and Zethus. : antiparticule Any elementary particle with a charge of opposite sign to the same particle in normal matter. Antiparaticle, from → anti- "opposite, opposing, against" + → particle. Pâdzarré from pâd-→ anti- + zarré→ particle.

Daibitya-, bitya- "second," Skt. Pers. vicitan "to choose," Av. vicidyâi (infinitive) "to discern," viciθa- "separation, discernment," from vi- ""aparat, asunder, away from" + kay- "to choose;" cf. Skt. cinoti, cayati. : énergie alternative Energy from a source other than the conventional fossil fuel sources. → alternative; → energy. : alternativement In place of, or as an alternative to. Adverb from → alternative. : alternateur A machine or device that produces alternating current. Alternator, noun from → alternate + → -or.

Vitesse d'Alfvén The speed at which Alfvén waves are propagated along the magnetic field. → Alfvén radius; → speed. : onde d'Alfvén A transverse wave in a magnetohydrodynamic field in which the driving force is the tension introduced by the magnetic field along the lines of force. Also called magnetohydrodynamic wave. → Alfvén radius; → wave. : Algèbre The branch of mathematics which deals with the properties and relations of numbers using symbols (usually letters of the alphabet) to represent numbers or members of a specified set; the generalization and extension of arithmetic.

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