America Bewitched by Daniel Logan PDF

By Daniel Logan

ISBN-10: 0688002218

ISBN-13: 9780688002213

Within entrance flap: From Charles Manson's a number of murders to the proliferation of latest diabolic cults to the truths in the back of a few of ultra-modern headlines, Daniel Logan lays naked the mechanics in the back of satan worship, experiences at the perform of voodoo and different historical rituals, and exposes the harmful forces permeating each point of our society. He additionally unearths his personal own confrontations with those darkish forces. Mr. Logan is a clairvoyant.

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I again had the choice to use that power for good or evil . Fortunately, I can honestly say that I have tried to use it only for the good of others and their advancement, psychically or spiritually, although there have been times of great temptation and near-catastrophes . I have received Mia twice . No one can tell me that Mia II isn't Mia I . Many acquaintances who didn't see me between the time that Mia I died and Mia II took her place say that it is the same cat . My parents know the story is true, for they had Mia I buried .

The houngan had a makeshift altar in his dwelling hut . On the altar were pictures of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and various saints . Dead plants, vinelike things that had withered from neglect, were placed between the pictures . Several empty beer and Coke bottles, a butcher knife, and glasses filled with or half empty of rum were also scattered on the altar . [60] It was near evening and I was asked if I wished to stay and witness a ceremony . I do think that the houngan thought of me as being involved in work similar to his-at least, that is why, I believe, he allowed me to remain .

The participants believe that by dancing themselves into frenzied states the loa will come into their bodies and take possession of them, at least during the period of the ritual . They sometimes fall to the ground and writhe in fits, allowing the forces from beyond to possess them. A woman came into the dancing throng and handed two white chickens and a knife to the houngan . I knew that a sacrifice was indeed going to be performed . Quickly, I found the man who brought me to the houn fort and asked him to take me out of there .

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