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Similarly, the term consolidation will be used in its technical sense to refer to a business combination in which all the combining companies are dissolved and a new corporation is formed to take over their net assets. ” In future chapters, the meanings of the terms will depend on the context in which they are found. Mergers and consolidations do not present special accounting problems or issues after the initial combination, apart from those discussed in intermediate accounting texts. This is because only one legal and accounting entity survives in a merger or consolidation.

Such an entry might appear as follows: Receivables (+A) Inventories (+A) Plant assets (+A) Goodwill (+A) Accounts payable (+L) Notes payable (+L) Investment in Son (-A) To record allocation of the $1,600,000 cost of acquiring Son Corporation to identifiable net assets according to their fair values and to goodwill. XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 1,600 If we dissolve Son Corporation, we formally retire the Son Corporation shares. The former Son shareholders are now shareholders of Pop. If Pop and Son Corporations operate as parent company and subsidiary, Pop will not record the entry to allocate the Investment in Son balance.

13 14 CHAPTER 1 Current GAAP provides clarification and more detailed guidance on when previously unrecorded intangibles should be recognized as assets, which can affect the amount of goodwill that firms recognize. Under current GAAP,[18] firms record goodwill but do not amortize it. Instead, GAAP requires that firms periodically assess goodwill for impairment in its value. An impairment occurs when the recorded value of goodwill is greater than its fair value. We calculate the fair value of goodwill in a manner similar to the original calculation at the date of the acquisition.

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