Gareth Knight's A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism (Two Volumes in PDF

By Gareth Knight

ISBN-10: 0877283974

ISBN-13: 9780877283973

During this groundbreaking booklet, Knight exhibits how the Qabalah and its simple diagram, the Tree of lifestyles, is a method of relationships between mystical symbols that may be used to achieve entry to the hidden reaches of the brain. He additionally demonstrates how the Qabalah is appropriate to all mystical traditions and spiritual ideals, together with Christian mysticism, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic mythologies, or even local American ideals. it truly is certainly symbolic of our common look for the Divine. integrated listed here are books in a single. the 1st compares the Western secret culture with the japanese approach of yoga, analyzes the Tree of existence in complete element, and describes the sensible software and theories of Qabalistic symbolism. the second one supplies the main entire research ever released of the twenty-two 'Paths of hid Glory' that subscribe to the Spheres of the Tree of existence bearing in mind the Hebrew alphabet, astrological indicators, and tarot trumps. a wide part explores the heritage of tarot layout and the various structures of correspondence with the Tree of existence.

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Chief among the Mighty. ) Violet. Sky-blue. Bluish-mauve. White tinged purple. " 1.. pour into the subconscious mind. man, 2. The Personality should be a simulacrum of the Individuality in the developed person; in other words, that which is below should be as that which is above -in accordance with theHermetic axiom. This factor is· shown in the sign of Aquarius, which shows a zig-zag • line, recalling ·to mind the Lightning Flash, reflected ina similar zig-zag line below it. lower line the Personality.

Blood is then caught-in a receptacle. ' On the . the pilgrims are allowed, ·theothers. told that the. sixth level is the/highest and being put to making gold from some of the bird's ashes. a most beauteous' aspect. These beautiful hornonculi are then fed with the blood of thebird-i-which after all was made from the original bodies-s-and grow to life size. them, the now regenerated and resurrected King and Queen. 17. The whole process is a resume of higher initiation. the initial engagement to marry is well placed on ·the27th Path, for this Path directly unites these two Sephiroth.

In Netzach is the image of the Individuality shining direct into the subconscious mind of the Personality and attracting and influencing it as a fisherman plays a fishhence the Hebrew letter of the Path, Tzaddi, a Fish-hook. The correct discernment of. this force within the Personality, and intelligent co-operation with it, leads to the perfectly natural process of spiritual growth as the term, Natural Intelligence, implies. Owing to factors resulting from the Primary Deviation however, the links between levels of consciousness are occluded, producing the frequent aberrations that are found ·on this Path.

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