New PDF release: A Brief History Of Iraq

By Hala Fattah, Frank Caso

ISBN-10: 0816057672

ISBN-13: 9780816057672

A complete advisor to greater than 6,000 years of historical past in Iraq. protecting issues starting from the traditional Mesopotamian civilizations to the autumn of Saddam Hussein and the warfare in Iraq, it examines the altering panorama of this kingdom. It specializes in the societies, peoples, and cultures of Iraq.

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Who vigorously dispersed the Hebrews after the conquest of the northern kingdom of Israel (after having made them pay taxes, as Assyrian kings did with all occupied peoples). Referred to as the dispersion of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, this mass deportation was perfectly in line with Assyrian practice (deportation measures were carried out as far south as Arabia). Deportations occurred for a number of reasons. Assyrian commanders, always anxious to maximize imperial gain, either transported farmers and laborers from one overpopulated area to a less productive district and made the deportees grow crops deemed necessary for the empire or pressed the deportees in the army, or even 23 A BRIEF HISTORY OF IRAQ forced them to relocate to less-developed areas where crafts and industries were absent.

It remains unique by its length, by the elegance 20 IRAQ, THE FIRST SOCIETY and precision of its style and by the light it throws on the rough, yet highly civilized society of the period” (Roux 1992, 206). E. is usually referred to as the Dark Ages because fewer texts were written, thus providing less information for historians to work with. From the fall of the first Babylonian empire to the conquest of Babylon by the Assyrians, raids and counterraids characterized the period, and although lesser dynasties emerged, such as the Hittites and the Kassites, no one nation or people were strong enough to gain the upper hand and take control of the ultimate prize, Babylonia.

Alexander the Great (r. , the son of the Macedonian king Philip II, who had seized power just three years earlier. Alexander’s mother, Olympias, was also of royal blood, being the daughter of the king of Epirus. As a young man, Alexander was a student of Aristotle and by the age of 16 was standing in for his father as leader of Macedonia when Philip was off fighting against Byzantium. At age 18, Alexander was a commander in his father’s army and played an important role in Philip’s victory in the Battle of Chaeronea, in which the Macedonians defeated an alliance of Greek city-states led by Athens and Thebes.

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