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By Elizabeth Chesla

ISBN-10: 1576853918

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This advisor develops severe examining abilities with fabric that's difficult, age-appropriate, and high-interest.

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Architects generally use one of several basic organizational patterns when they design a building. The same is true for writers when they “design” a text. These basic patterns help writers organize their ideas effectively. In Section 2, you’ll study four of those organizational patterns: ■ ■ ■ ■ chronological order order of importance comparing and contrasting similarities and differences cause and effect You’ll learn how to recognize these four patterns, and you’ll understand why writers use them.

The Jabberwock (line 5) is probably a. a mean person. b. a dangerous creature. c. a harmless bird. d. a magical animal. 3. What does shun (line 7) mean? a. to avoid, keep away from b. to capture c. to make friends with d. to take care of 4. What does frumious (line 8) probably mean? a. friendly b. ugly c. dangerous d. poor SUMMARY Often, you can figure out what unfamiliar words mean from their context—the way they are used in a passage. Look carefully at the words and sentences surrounding the unfamiliar word.

Words that show judgment or evaluation, like “good,”“bad,”“interesting,”and “important,”usually signal an opinion, too. Here are some examples: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ We should apologize for being rude. He ought to return those library books right away. I had better get to school before I’m late. She is a great teacher. This was the most significant development in the history of science. It was a fascinating film. Words and Phrases that Often Signal Opinions bad disappointing good important I think should best excellent great insignificant ought terrible boring fascinating had better interesting remarkable worst LearningExpress Skill Builders • LESSON 4 25 –8TH GRADE READING COMPREHENSION SUCCESS– EXERCISE 1 Questions Determine whether the following sentences express a fact or an opinion.

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