10,000 miles for a miracle by Kathryn Kuhlman PDF

By Kathryn Kuhlman

ISBN-10: 0871235366

ISBN-13: 9780871235367


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Maurice Etheridge, who was to become a dear friend over the years ahead, was my heart specialist. He explained I had barely escaped death during a coronary occlusion—a clot to the heart. "You've cleared a big hurdle," he said when he dismissed me. " I was alive, and although I left the hospital with what the doctor called an "enlarged heart," I was able to return home and resume a partial routine. The doctor assured me, however, that I would always be on medication, that I could never again exert myself physically, and that the condition could return any time—with even more serious results.

Surely this was a word from God—directly to me. I had a shocking rash, like a bad case of eczema that covered great parts of my body. The Collins Street skin specialist, perhaps the leading dermatologist in Melbourne, had hospitalized me for it on several occasions. "You won't die from the rash," he had concluded, "but it will be with you forever. " Dr. Etheridge pointed out that the rash alone was bad enough to keep me home, not to mention my heart condition which was bound to be aggravated by the strain of flying ten thousand miles.

Alice Springs lies in the very midst of the back-of-beyond, yet it is the center of a pastoral region that extends outward almost one hundred miles—springs in the desert. I had been living my spiritual life in the back-of-beyond, perishing for lack of moisture. Now, in the quietness of my own living room, there had begun to flow out of me streams of living water, bringing life to the parched wasteland of my soul. I drank deeply, and for the first time in years, found myself believing there was more to come.

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